About Taishotei

The Taishotei is a restaurant that is thoroughly selective of the flavors and ingredients that must be in our Katsuretsu or pork cutlets. When the traditional black pork, which is said to be a masterpiece of flavor, met our magical sauce, an ultimate flavor was born. We would like you to fully enjoy a moment in time made delicious with the supremely high quality flavor of our Katsuretsu for the mature appetite.

Nostalgic good flavor

The tonkatsu or breaded pork cutlet which is said to also be the greatest masterpiece of Western cuisine that originated from Japan, was originally born as the Katsuretsu. It started from the flavor battles when long-established restaurateurs in Ginza wondered what would happen if they sauteed pork and fried each côtelette in Japanese tempura style.
"Katsuretsu" as it is commonly called, is said to be derived from the French côtelette and the English cutlet. The Katsuretsu, which is a fusion of Japanese and Western food culture, was produced from the creative and original minds of the chefs and was certainly an adventurous foray into new flavor.

The Taishotei is a restaurant where you can enjoy the full flavor of Katsuretsu which is also said to be the origin of this Western-inspired cuisine. We combined new flavors while valuing the traditional to produce a unique taste and style. Feel free to experience this hearty and moreover refined flavor as much as you desire.

Delicious ingredients

High-class quality Black pig pork that has always been talked-about as a world-class brand anywhere in Japan, is directly delivered to our restaurant from Kagoshima. It is extraordinarily fresh and furthermore, has a refreshing taste and healthy because we use vegetable oil. You will be able to relish the luxury taste of pork as a work of art.
In addition, our rice, fresh as well as pickled vegetables are almost entirely Kagoshima prefecture produce. You can completely experience the flavors of Kagoshima with the Black pig pork.

A few words from the owner

I have wandered the entire country in search of delicious pork but I should have known that the Black pig pork from my hometown Kagoshima is the best.
For 25 years, we have enjoyed the patronage of our customers in Fukuoka. If you are aware, Black pigs have always been recognized as a world class brand in the entire country.
The "origin" of my signature flavor is here.
The finest quality "Black" raised in the rich, vast lands of Kagoshima.
You must try it.

The choicest Black pig pork

Why does it have to be Black pigs from Kagoshima prefecture?

From China to Ryukyu, then to Kagoshima by crossing the sea on the Kurushio current, the Kagoshima Black pig carries close to 400 years of history from the time of Satsuma Shimazu. At that time it was extremely highly valued to the point that the Daimyo at the time spoke of it as "Truly a delicacy, with nutrition, body, and more than anything else, it gives strength".

As its special features, it has excellent red color, feels good to bite into, and due to the fine quality sugar and fat content, the meat has a subtle sweetness. In addition, even though it is delicious in that way, the secret to its popularity is also its low calorie content.


Black pigs, in comparison to white pigs, take a lot of labor and time to fatten, and only a small number are being raised. We at the Taishotei would also like for everyone in Fukuoka to enjoy the genuine flavor of the precious.Kagoshima Black pig pork.

The Taishotei is a restaurant recognized as a distributor of Black pig pork

Our restaurant is known as a "Designated distributor of Kagoshima Black Pig pork". We proactively popularize the Kagoshima Black pig pork to consumers. The Black pig pork of Taishotei is directly delivered to us by the JA Shokuniku Kagoshima Company! You must definitely try genuine Kagoshima Black pig pork.

The Black pig's delicious taste is in its freshness

Freshness is an important point for the tastiness of the pork.
The Black pig pork delivered daily directly from Kagoshima is slowly fried for hours at a low temperature of 175 degrees in order that the delicious flavor of the meat, including the meat juices, are not lost. Our cooking oil is 100% vegetable oil, our breadcrumbs are fresh and passed through a 9 mm sieve, and we are selective about the ingredients that will bring out the delicious flavor of the meat.
In addition, we do our utmost that the delivered pork is also consumed on the same day.

Our special blended Hinode sauce is of course delicious but we also recommend simple "table salt" to truly savor the flavor of the ingredients.

The choicest sauce

Even our sauce is famous

The magical sauce that is used in our restaurant. What exactly is in it that is magical?
We often get asked by customers.
"Is the sauce from Kagoshima too?"
No, no. Actually the sauce is from Kobe.

Our restaurant uses a special blend of Hinode sauce which is said to be the originator of Japanese sauces for more than a hundred years since it was founded.
In the year 1900, Keishichiro Yasui imported Lea & Perrins Worcestershire sauce from England, and began to reduce its acidity and improve its texture to suit the tastebuds of the Japanese. This attention to detail was passed on to Yoichi Yasui of the 5th generation, and continues to attract more fans even at the present time with its unique spicy yet mild flavor.
It is different from the sauces available in the market. Its color is a deeper black, and it has a somewhat dry taste but it pairs extremely well with Katsuretsu and you won't tire of it no matter how many times you've tasted it and no doubt that is what is "magical" about it. Its "magic" continues to live on inside tall glass jars that bring to mind old-style Western restaurants.

Its nostalgic flavor and aroma will definitely satisfy you even without having to turn you into a flavor connoisseur.
Please enjoy the Black pig pork's crispy crunchiness and the mature, rich flavor of the sauce that will spread in your mouth.